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September 8-11, 2015, Como Italy

Aims and Scope

Nonlinear phenomena are ubiquitous in nature:  biology and physiology, climate, economics and social sciences have all been impacted by the science of dynamics. Quantum dynamics has long resisted to this impact, because of its linear evolution equations, but the theory of Quantum Chaos has unveiled the  deep implications of nonlinearity also in the quantum domain. This conference continues in this line, with emphasis on applications in non-linear electronic devices and complex biophysical systems, as well as basic theory on photonic devices and cold atoms in optical traps. Surprisingly, these different systems can be well described by the same theoretical tools. The conference aims at presenting the exciting recent advances in theory and experiments.
Nonlinear oscillations, chaotic behavior, coupling and synchronization, quantum optics and quantum entanglement, neural networks, complex systems , biomedical systems and neurocomputing will all be covered in the program. 

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