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Recent Funding Programs

PROJECT THERMOPOWER: Regione Lombardia - "International Scientific and Technological Cooperation".

Bilateral Project Italy - Japan: Quantum Technologies - "Nonlinearity and disorder in classical and quantum transport processes".

Italian MIUR project (PRIN 2008): Efficiency of thermoelectric machines - "A microscopic approach".

Italian MIUR project (PRIN 2005): Quantum Computation with trapped particle arrays, neutral and charged.

Bilateral Project Italy - Japan: Quantum information, computation and communication (2008-2009)

Italian MIUR project (PRIN 2005): Transport properties of classical and quantum systems

USA ARO/NSA/ARDA: Quantum Computing and the onset of Quantum Chaotic Motion contract No. DAAD19-92-1-0086.

EU FET-IST project EDQIP: Effects of Frcoherence and Imperfections for Quantum Information Processing contract No. IST-2001-38869.

EU RTN network QTRANS: Quantum Transport on Atomic Scale Contract No. HPRN-CT-2000-0156.